Hi, I'm Emily and live in Maine. I have a beautiful baby girl named Celia. I'm going to school for Microbiology, and I like giraffes and adventure. My dream is to become a Pediatrician, and at some point move to Europe.

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The Holyoke’s snapping turtle!

The Holyoke’s snapping turtle!

france: ten

france: twenty

france: thirty

france: forty

france: fifty

france: sixty



france: sixty ten

world: france what are you do—

france: four twenties

world: france stop it

france: four twenties ten

world: france that doesn't even make any sense







france: hundred.

when the beating of your heart, 
echoes the beating of the drums, 
there is a life about to start, 
when tomorrow comes!

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Quick Life Update!

Hi everyone!

I wanted to say that school is going really well so far, but I have two exams this week, so wish me luck!

I live in an area where Nemo hit, and our town got about 18 inches of snow. Exciting, but I’m so sick of the cold :(

I’m elated to say that I made a really awesome friend through one of my classes and we hang out sometimes! Eep :3

Celia had her 18 month check up, and although she had to get vaccinations, besides that she was really well behaved and the doctor continues to be impressed with her development. Her speech is very advanced and she’s in the 90 something percentile for growth, although her weight is leveling out which is normal.

I recently saw Life of Pi and Les Miserables. Both were really great, especially Les Mis! Oh my goodness, I sobbed soo much. My friend even got me more tissues at one point. It was just that amazingly moving. Go see it!

Celia’s also been weaned for almost 2 weeks now. It’s such a relief to not have to worry about what I eat anymore. Making sure she doesn’t get in contact with her allergens is enough to worry about. This means she can have sleepovers with family and such since she doesn’t need to bf before bed. People say I’ll miss it, but I’m not like most people.

My dad had to take more time off of work because of his foot that he hurt in a motorcycle accident. He just pushed himself a little too hard when he went back to work. But I think he should be able to go back soon, so if you pray, keep him in your prayers. Thank you :)

I think that’s all I really have to say though, except for the fact that I am missing my best friend so much, but I always am. Only a little less than 5 months until I get to see her again! The wait will come close to killing me, but I’ll make it and we’ll have an epic two weeks together!

Love you all! xoxo